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Universal Remotes & codes

How to Reset a Universal Remote Control Using Program Method



Universal remotes are an all-in-one solution if your actual device remote is damaged or lost. They are designed in a way to be programmed with multiple devices like TV, DVD, VCR, etc., at the same time. Universal remote codes are used to program the remote with any device.

Generally, the universal remote codes are of three or four digits. Whenever you want to program a new device with the remote, most of the universal remotes usually erase the old programmed codes.

What are the Steps to Reset a Universal Remote?

Use these simple methods to clear codes on a universal remote.

Step – 1. Firstly, remove the existing batteries from the universal remote control to reset it. Pull out all the cells from the remote. Usually, universal remotes have two to four AAA batteries.

Step – 2. After removing the batteries, leave the battery compartment empty for 2-3 minutes.  You need to do this because a universal remote control stores the power in the capacitor. This power keeps the remote’s memory intact during the time of changing the batteries. After two minutes, this stored battery will start to drain.

Step – 3. Now, to ensure all the power has drained and to drain the excess stored power, if any, press and hold the power button till it stops giving the signals. Once this stored capacitor power is drained, it will clear all the stored codes.

Magnavox Universal Remote mc345 Code & Method

Step – 4. After you have followed the steps for how to reset a universal remote, you can put the new batteries and program it with your devices.

How to Program Universal Remote Control after Reset?

Once you have done the steps for how to reset a Universal remote, you can reprogram it with desired devices. You must follow the steps outlined below to do this.

Step – 1. Switch on the device you want to program with universal remote control.

Step – 2. Now, press and hold the “Power” button on the remote for the device you want to program.

Step – 3. Press the LED button on the universal remote unless it turns on. Now, press the component button such as TV on a universal remote. The LED indicator will blink and remain lit.

Step – 4. Now, press the “Power” button ad lower the universal remote. Do not press the power button again once the device turns off.

Step – 5. Finally, press the “Enter” button on the universal remote. If the indicator light turns off, this shows that the universal remote is successfully programmed with your TV or other devices.

How to Reprogram an RCA Remote

Remote is as crucial as television because without a remote you cannot handle TV, for that you need a properly functioning remote, but sometimes when the remote is out of control or not programming correctly, then you need to reprogram the remote that programs well.

If you want to reprogram your remote then you must follow the methods. With these, you can learn to reset a Samsung TV remote also in this article. Let’s get started

Resetting an RCA Remote

If You’re here to know about resetting an RCA remote, read this article. You’ll undoubtedly learn how to reset an RCA remote. To understand better we’ve mentioned the step-by-step process for resetting and reformatting an RCA remote.

STEP:1 Firstly, Pull off the battery cover, located on the back of the RCA remote.

STEP:2 Now, take off the batteries from the remote, then turn the remote frontside to look at its number pad.

STEP:3 Additionally, hold on the “1” number button on the number pads of the remote for 60 seconds, then release the button and wait at least 10 seconds. To clear the remote’s memory, you have to repeat this method about three to four times.

STEP:4 Next, you have to place the batteries back of the RCA remote and close it with the battery cover now, your remote is ready to program

How to Reprogram a Samsung TV Remote

How to know If the Remote is working?

Follow the below steps, to check whether IR Remote is sending a signal

  1. Pick a device to use as a Digital camera and make sure to TURN ON the camera
  2. Next, try to point the end of the remote with the IR emitter at the camera or the camcorder lens.
  3. Now, look at the LCD screen
  4. Lastly, press and hold down any button on the remote.

How do you Reset your one for all the remotes?

Factory Reset- one for all remote

  1. Hold on to the MAGIC for 3 seconds, and then an LED light will blink twice.
  2. Press the digit 981, and in about 3 seconds, the LED will blink 4 times.
  3. Now, your remote has been reset to the factory setting.

How do you find Insignia TV has a reset button?

If the Insignia Tv is not turned on, then you can try it out with a power reset. While performing a power reset unplug the set from the outlet. Now, hold down the power button for at least one minute.

How do you Reset your LCD TV?

Click at the menu button on the remote or television, then the TV menu will appear. Now, select FACTORY RESET, then press the MENU button and, select YES now, the TV is reset to its default configuration.

Why My Remote Control Is Not Working?

Remove both batteries from the remote by opening the battery compartment on the back of the device. Press and hold the button on the remote control for 20 seconds. Once the button has been released, rep the batteries in their proper slots.

If the remote does not function properly, it is possible that something is wrong with the control or with the remote sensor on the television set.

Summing Up

Universal remote controls are always a savior. In the above write-up, we have explained how to reset a universal remote by following some quick and simple steps. After clearing the saved codes from the universal remote, you can reprogram it with the desired devices. 

 I hope the above methods and steps help you to reprogram your RCA remote and Samsung TV remote. If you have any issues, then please comment below and we’ll help you.

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Universal Remotes & codes

Dynex Universal Remote Program Codes & Guide -2023




Have you bought a new Universal remote? Are you not sure how to program your universal remote? You are at the right place, in this article you will learn about all the Dynex Universal Remote Codes and methods by which you can use these codes to program Universal remote control. Don’t you know the remote control codes for the Dynex TV?

In the article, we are providing all types of universal remote codes for Dynex TV. Use these Dynex Universal Remote Codes to program your universal remote. These dynex tv codes are of different types like three, four, and five digits.

Read More: How to Program Sharp TV With Universal Remote Codes

Dynex Universal Remote Codes List

The following is a complete list of Dynex Universal Remote Codes. Pick which one you like.

Dynex tv codes for universal remote 5 digit


4 Digit Code list for Dynex TV


Dynex TV Remote Code 3 Digit


RCA Universal Remote Codes For Dynex TV


GE Universal Remote Codes For Dynex TV


Philips Universal Remote Codes Dynex


Xfinity Remote Codes for Dynex TV


Dish Remote Codes for Dynex TV


Dynex TV Codes Directv Remote


Dynex TV Codes for Comcast Remote Controls


Dynex TV codes for Spectrum remotes

3 digit code415 , 424 , 577 , 167 , 400 , 096 , 567
4 digit codes1280 , 2049 , 1271 , 4061 , 4071 , 1785 , 4641 , 1182 , 0463
5 digit codes12049 , 10463 , 11463

Dynex TV Remote Code for Att Uverse


Sony Remote Codes for Dynex TV


Onn Universal Remote Codes for Dynex TV


Dynex TV codes for Blackweb universal remote


Charter Remote Codes for Dynex TV


Dynex TV Codes for Cox Remote


Magnavox Universal Remote Codes for Dynex TV


Dynex Universal Remote Codes List

One for All URC-66900464
Comcast M105710463, 0463, 096
Rogers DCT32500463
Sony RM-VL6008043
CableVision UR2-CBL-CV04096
Dish Network VIP(508)720
RCA RCU807135
TiVo HD0091
Motorola DRC8000463
TiVo SERIES 3091
Direct TV RC2310463
Dish Network VIP622720
Shaw DCT34160463

The Dynex TV Can Be Set Up

  1. Auto-Search method.
  2. Manual method
  3. Code search method

How to Program the Auto Search Function on a Dynex Universal Remote Control?

In the auto-search method, the remote’s scanning mechanism scans all of the universal remote codes stored in the remote.

It analyses each code one by one to get the right remote code for programming your remote control. Adhere to the following instructions:

Step-1 “Power on” the smart device you desire to operate with the universal remote control, such as a “TV.”

Step-2 To “power on” the remote control, press and hold the device button (DVD, TV, CBL, and OK/SEL) for about three seconds while holding the remote. The gadget’s LED light indicates that it is ready to be programmed.

Step-3 Aim the remote toward the device and push the remote’s “CH+” and “CH-” buttons. The remote control will indicate if the device is on or off. Incessantly press the “up” or “down” keys until the gadget shuts off.

Step-4 Verify the code by hitting the keyboard’s “power” key. The gadget should be operating at this point. If something begins to play, change the station to ensure that the remote is configured properly.

Step-5 From the drop-down menu, pick “device” to save the code. The device’s LED light will flash twice to indicate that the code has been updated correctly.

You may programme the Dynex Universal Remote using the Manual Method

We can program a universal remote control quickly and easily using the keycode, which also acts as an identification for the manufacturer and model of your equipment.

Step-1 The first step is to “Turn On The Device.”

Step-2 From the drop-down menu on your “Dynex universal remote,” select “TV.”

Step-3 Then, hold down the “Setup button” on the Universal Remote until the “Flash Light” appears on the screen (this indicates that the remote is in “Learning mode”).

Step- 4 Finally, enter the “Keycode” that you find throughout the programming tutorial’s reading (Instructions Booklet)

Step-5 Once you’ve finished the previous step, “point your remote control at the television” and “press and hold the power button.”

Step-6 To restart the screen after it has been turned off, press and hold the “Power Button” for a few seconds.

That’s all; your television should now operate flawlessly with the universal remote control; if not, repeat the process using a different Dynex Universal Remote Code from the same area of the reference table.

The Dynex Universal Remote Control: How to Program It Utilizing a Code Search Technique

Even if you were unable to discover the correct key code at the time, you may configure your universal remote to look for the correct code. This code, which is provided in the instructions, causes the remote to enter search mode.

Step-1 To begin, “Start your The Device.”

Step-2 Now hold down the “Setup” button for a few seconds.

Step-3 Push the Channel up button now while continuing to press the “Power Button” on the remote control until the device, in this example your television, “Turns Off.”

While the method detailed above may take a bit longer, locating your key code is critical. After following the instructions indicated above, your remote should be functioning for all in-room features. Using one of the three approaches stated above, we can easily program our Dynex TV Device Universal Remote.

Is Dynex a reputable television brand?

Dynex Produces High-Quality Products at Reasonable Prices. I’ve owned various Dynex devices (a wired router, a television, and so on), and each time I’ve been satisfied with their performance. Additionally, their LCD HDTVs are excellent.

How long will a Dynex television last?

While the displays themselves will survive a decade, the rest of the gear within will not. With careful care and maintenance, a decent brand should last around 5-8 years.

What is the best way to program a universal remote control without a code?

While pressing and keeping the Button and the control for the item to set up, tap and hold the Menu icon. When asked, release both buttons at the same time. When the LED light on your remote control illuminates and remains illuminated, you may remove the item’s button as well as the Power button. To program your remote, point it towards the thing that you wish to program it to work with.


The Universal Remote Codes listed above are advantageous for the Dynex TV and may be located in the list above. If any of the previously listed codes do not work properly on your remote control device, you must proceed to the next code on the list.

Any other Dynex tv remote codes not mentioned in the above list should be put in the comment section below. We appreciate your time in reading!

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Universal Remotes & codes

Latest Vivitar Universal Remote Codes List & Setup Guide




vivitar universal remote codes list

Vivitar universal remote has three-digit and four-digit universal remote codes and it is eight an one remote control.

If you do not know the code for your device, then look for the vivitar universal remote codes list in this guide so that you can easily program your device with universal remote instructions.

Three methods are mentioned below for vivitar universal remote setup. Try all three methods and finally chose the method to get your remote programmed with your device.

Vivitar Universal Remote Codes List

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a complete list of universal remote codes.

In the table below, we have listed everything along with their brand names. To program your device, try to select the code that best suits your universal remote.


Vivitar Universal Remote Codes for Emerson TV


Vivitar Universal Remote Codes for Insignia TV

Insignia TV Remote Codes & Setup Guide


Vivitar Universal Remote Codes for Philips TV

Best Philips Remote cl019 Codes & Program Guide


Vivitar Universal Remote Codes for Lg

Universal Remote Codes for Lg & Program Guide


Vivitar Univearsal Remote Codes for Samsung

We’ve mentioned the complete vivitar universal remote codes list for Samsung in the following table. There are universal remote codes with brand names that help you to find your required codes that can easily program in the universal remote to work with your device.


Vivitar Universal Remote Codes for Sanyo TV

Here, you can find your vivitar universal remote codes list for Sanyo Tv, we’re here to help you to find your codes. In the below table you may have the complete list of universal remote codes you can search for. Now, look at the table below


Vivitar Universal Remote Code for Dynex TV


Vivitar Universal Remote Codes for Vizio

Vivitar Universal Remote Codes List


Vivitar Universal Remote Codes for Sony TV

Vivitar Universal Remote Codes List


How to Program Vivitar Universal Remote

How to Manually Program the Vivitar Universal Remote

Using the keycode makes your universal remote code programming simple. using the keycode method you can  easily identify your device model 

  1. Firstly, Turn The Device On.
  2. Next, Press the “TV” button on the “Vivitar universal remote.”
  3. Press and hold down the “Set up key” of the Universal remote until it flashes light. This flashlight indicates learning mode.
  4. Enter the keycode from the instructional booklet.
  5. When done, “point your remote towards the TV” and “press and hold down the power” buttons.
  6. Now release the Power button when the screen switches off.

Now your TV is ready to work perfectly with universal remote control. If your device is not working, then repeat all the steps with different codes from the same instructional booklet.

How to Setup Vivitar Universal Remote With Code Search

  • First, “Turn the Device On.”
  • Press and hold down the “Setup” button.
  • Enter the three-digit code- 9-9-1.
  • Hold the “Power button” on the remote and now press the Channel up until the device, the TV “Turns off.”

This method is time-consuming but finding your keycode is the foremost thing. After completing the process your remote is ready to perform all the functions.

How do I Program Vivitar Universal Remote Without Codes

Television is the best way for entertainment and there are many other devices like DVD player, Home Theatre, etc which we use in our home. To use that device, you need a universal remote. with the help of a single universal remote, you can handle multiple devices.

Mostly, to operate a universal remote you’re instructed to have a code for programming the remote right? If Yes, then you can also have the complete Vivitar Universal Remote Codes List in the following table along with that, we’re going to learn how to program Vivitar universal remote without codes. So, let’s get to the point.

Programming Vivitar Universal Remote Without Codes

In the following few steps, we’re going to discuss how to program Vivitar universal remote without codes. follow the instructions properly

STEP:1 To begin with, you need to SWITCH ON your device that will work with the universal remote.

STEP:2 After the device now TURN ON your remote, hold on to the component button such as TV, CBL, DVD, and OK\SEL for about 3 seconds, the LED light indicates in the device which means the device is ready to program.

STEP:3 Now, pointing the remote to the device, click on CH+ and CH- key then it shows off signals in the remote. Hold down the UP or DOWN key until the device will turn OFF.

STEP:4 Next, verify the code for this you need to click on the POWER button and the device will turn ON. When the device starts, you have to check whether your remote is programming correctly or not, try to change the channel, and volume ups, down in the remote.

STEP:5 In the end, you need to store the universal remote codes now, click on the DEVICE button, and the code is saved. For confirmation, an LED light will blink twice

Features of The Vivitar Universal Remote Control

This Universal remote control can control up to eight devices. It can work with most major brands of TV, Blu-Ray, DVD, VCR, Cable, Home Theatre, and Satellite….etc. It is a user-friendly design that is Ergonomic. The Batteries of this remote control are Powered by 2AAA batteries. This remote can replace the original remote

How do I Program my Vivitar Universal Remote Manually?

First, turn your device ON then press the TV button on your Vivitar universal remote and the flashlight will appear and enter the code which you find in the Vivitar Universal Remote Codes List . Now, point your remote to the TV and hold down the POWER button and the TV will turn OFF and you’re ready to control your TV with the universal remote.

NOTE: If the code doesn’t work with the universal remote then use another code with the same process as we’ve discussed above try it until you get the correct code.

Can I Program my Vivitar Universal Remote With Code Search?

 Yes, you can program the Vivitar universal remote with code search to find the correct one. When you can’t find the correct code, you can use the code search method.

let ‘s start the procedure, TURN ON the device and press and hold on the SETUP key, enter the three-digit code (9-9-1) now, hold down the POWER button in the remote, and then press the channels up until the device TURNS OFF. Now, the remote will work properly.


Universal remote always acts as the best remote for all devices. In the above methods, we’ve discussed everything on how to program Vivitar universal remote without codes and the vivitar universal remote codes list also. I hope this helps you and if you find any issues regarding universal remote then comment to us we’ll help you to solve your issues.

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Universal Remotes & codes

Rca Converter Box Remote Codes and Program Instruction




For receiving the digital broadcasts with a standard antenna, a digital converter box is required. Many companies manufacture these converter boxes. One of them is RCA that produces digital converter boxes like RCA DTA800.

You will need a remote control once you have connected the converter box to the antenna. With this remote control, you can operate various devices like TV.

If you have your RC digital converter box and are looking for a solution for how to program your remote using Rca Converter Box Remote Codes , we have got you covered here.

Read More : RCA Universal Remote Codes & Program Instruction

RCA DTA800 Converter Box Remote Codes List

The RCA digital converter box remote codes can be used to control your TV or any other devices after programming the RCA converter box with the correct RCA DTA800 Converter Box Remote Codes.

Below is the list of RCA universal remote control code for the converter box

List of RCA DTA800 Converter Box Remote Codes 

Sylvania049, 050, 054, 045, 055, 007, 064, 121,  005, 088
Sony228, 247, 175, 251, 152, 303, 146, 003, 151, 308
Toshiba121, 090, 184, 080, 195, 053, 198, 037,  052, 231
Universal063, 039
Symphonic139, 185, 027, 186
Sharp087, 092, 085, 128, 071, 183, 021, 208, 298, 005, 274
Sanyo124, 083, 198, 082, 268, 037, 274
Sansui 189
Samsung177, 145, 195, 080, 202, 079, 213, 005, 013, 216
RCA074, 073, 075, 072, 076, 005, 077, 001, 078, 000, 135
Philips062, 054, 063, 050, 064, 049, 065, 007, 045, 181
Philips Magnavox 253, 258, 230, 270, 185, 273, 181, 279
Durabrand186, 185, 189, 173, 274
Emerson023, 022, 024, 021, 025, 020, 026,  005, 019, 027
Funai139, 185, 036, 186
GE053, 040, 063, 039, 122, 018, 123, 005, 135,  001, 149
Haier242, 173
Zenith176, 182, 115, 189, 114, 245, 113, 248, 002, 274
Hitachi102, 101, 103, 100, 105, 044, 107, 043, 110, 005
Hisense 190
LG 260, 274, 221, 275
Magnavox054, 050, 055, 049, 064, 045, 097,  005, 007, 098
Mitsubishi183, 094, 197, 058, 217, 018, 260, 274,  005, 262
Proscan163, 178, 135, 229,
Pilot274, 177
Panasonic187, 254, 179, 257, 125, 288, 045, 299, 040, 301
Prism040, 179
Radio Shack177, 178, 037, 186, 274, 001, 198
Studio Experience218
Supreme175, 003
MTC177, 195, 080, 260, 275, 005, 274
Nikko177, 014, 182, 005, 274
Orion189, 029, 200
Pioneer137, 068, 155, 067, 169, 066, 171, 274, 005, 199
NAD155, 137, 184, 053, 274, 005, 052, 291
Proton069, 205, 005, 274
JVC 048 , 047, 118, 046, 119, 044, 136, 180, 040, 157, 263
GoldStar 117, 116, 177, 042, 260, 041, 274, 005, 275
Daewoo016, 095, 015, 140, 005,  014, 182
Citizen080, 037, 148, 014, 177, 007, 182, 005, 186
Bell & Howell037, 002, 198
Akai201, 195, 202, 177, 295, 003
Audiovox188, 207, 186, 223, 182, 234
Benq306, 204
Celebrity175, 003
Broksonic189, 186, 200
Commercial Solutions178
Go Video224
Insignia 244, 189, 309
JC Penney040, 039, 042, 018, 053, 007, 063, 001, 005, 079
KTV132, 177, 051, 186
Admiral128, 183, 002, 189
Aiwa290, 289
Concerto274, 005
Dumont245, 176, 274
Gateway204, 193
Jensen258, 260, 191, 274, 309, 005, 275
Apex192, 184, 232, 172, 250, 053, 280
Changhong192, 053
Dwin212, 183, 214
AOC177, 143, 260, 130, 274, 005, 275
Celera192, 053
Crown186, 045
Advent258, 260, 191, 275
Colortyme009, 005, 274
America Action186
Aiko182, 014
Candle129, 177, 005, 007, 274
ESA202, 185
Electrohome017, 003, 005, 018, 274
Envision177, 274, 005, 215
JCB175, 003
Hello Kitty188
JBL181, 045
Kloss Novabeam129, 049, 050, 186
Kenwood177, 005, 274
Kawasho005, 003, 274
KLH192, 053, 232
Fisher198, 037
Daytron274, 005
Hallmark274, 005
Westinghouse188, 226, 175, 235
Yamaha274, 177, 005, 260, 275
White Westinghouse189, 140, 207
Vidtech274, 005, 260, 275
Vizio235, 204
Viewsonic 222, 193, 235
Vector Research177
TMK274, 005
Teknika055, 181, 005, 014, 125, 002, 007, 036, 080, 182
Syntax240, 239
SSS274, 186
Soundesign186, 007, 005, 036, 274
Scott200, 036, 020, 005, 029, 186, 274
Runco206, 176, 177, 245
Pulsar245, 176, 274
Philco181, 054, 049, 007, 005, 045, 050, 177, 260, 274,
Victor136, 047, 180
V Inc.235
Telefunken 295, 202
Signature002, 019
Technics179, 040, 187
Sears052, 139, 084, 037, 005, 001, 036, 047, 053, 135, 163
Squareview185, 139
Realistic198, 177, 001, 037, 186, 274
Scotch274, 005
Quasar187, 125, 051, 040, 070, 179, 254, 257
Techwood179, 005, 274, 040
Sampo177, 274, 193, 005,
Tandy183, 128
Midland179, 176, 135, 040, 163, 178, 245
Memorex260, 197, 185, 037, 002, 005, 139, 189, 198, 274
Luxman274, 005
MGA274, 197, 058, 005, 018, 177, 260, 275
Marantz230, 181, 057, 043, 005, 045, 177, 220, 274
Optonica128, 071, 183
Penney229, 184, 178, 001, 177, 179, 195, 274
NTC182, 014
Motorola183, 128
Olevia240, 239
Optimus198, 155, 137, 187, 199
Megatron196, 005, 043, 274
LXI163, 135, 045, 005, 001, 037, 052, 053, 147, 178
NEC274, 206, 009, 005, 177, 260, 275

How to Program RCA DTA800 Remote Using Codes for RCA Converter Box?

You have to follow a few quick steps to program your RCA remote control with a TV. Choose the appropriate code from the list of RCA converter box TV codes before that. Once you’ve chosen the code, continue by following the instructions below.

Step – 1. Firstly, remove the battery cover of the RCA remote and insert the new batteries. Now, switch on your television.

Step – 2. Press the “PRM” button on the left corner of the remote. A signal indicator light will turn on.

Step – 3. Now, enter the three-digit remote control code you selected from the RCA converter box codes. You can enter the code by pressing the number keys on the keypad of the RCA remote. After entering the code, press the”OK” button. Now, the indicator light will turn off.

Step – 4. Point the remote control towards your TV and press the volume buttons on it. If the volume changes, this means that your remote has been successfully programmed.

Step – 5. If the code you entered does not work, you can pick another one from the DTA800b1 remote codes list.

If the indicator signal remains lit even after blinking four times, this means that you might have used the incorrect code. You can pick another code from the list and follow the steps mentioned earlier again.

Troubleshooting Tips for RCA Digital Converter Box

1. If the signal is weak or the channel is not available

  • Firstly, try to reposition the antenna.
  • In case the signal is still weak, you might require a more powerful antenna to boost receiving of digital TV signals.
  • We would recommend a smart antenna.

2. TV is not able to receive analog channels

  • Switch on the digital converter box in pass-through mode. Also, be sure that all the cables are properly connected.

3. Smart antenna is connected newly and requires channel scan

  • To access the settings, select 5 from the menu. Press 1 to select a channel after that.

4. No sound

  • You have to make sure that the connections are properly made between the converter box and television.
  • Also, make sure that the sound of the TV is not muted.

5. On the TV’s screen, there is no picture.

  • Firstly make sure that the converter box is switched on.
  • Check that the connections between the converter box and  TV are made correctly.
  • Until the picture appears on TV, use different channels or video inputs.

6. Forgot password

  • Go to the main menu and choose “Ratings”. Now, input the master password”3308.”
  • Create a new password. The master password cannot be used to access programs for viewing.

7. The converter box turned off suddenly

  • Auto Power Down Timer might be activated. Check it in the main menu. It is initially set to four hours.


A well-known manufacturer of converter boxes is RCA. After you have connected your converter box with the antenna, you have to connect the RCA remote control with your device like a TV.

The list of RCA DTA800 converter box remote codes and the steps to program them are described in the section above. We hope you don’t have any doubts about setting up RCA remote control using RCA digital converter box codes.

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