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Programming Haier TV Universal Remote Codes & Guide



If you have recently purchased a universal remote and need Haier TV Universal Remote Codes , this post describes the following codes. There are a number of haier television remote codes listed below. We have mentioned more than one haier remote codes in the list for each device. If one code doesn’t work, try another. The code is usually a 4 digit number.

HAIER is one of the most popular TV brands on the market. Haier televisions are usually available with a remote control. However, if for any reason the remote control for Haier TV heats up or fails, you can program the TV with a universal remote control.

You need to know how to program a haier tv remote to work with HAIER TV before you can use Haier TV Universal Remote Codes. Programming instructions for the HAIER TV remote control with universal remote control are also listed below.

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Haier TV Universal Remote Codes List

Haier is one of the top TV brands in the market. Usually, televisions come with their own remote controls. But, if you lost your Haier TV remote or it got damaged, you can use a universal remote for programming your device. If you bought a universal remote and require Haier TV universal remote codes, this article will help you with that. There are many universal remote control codes for Haier TV listed below in the table. So, if one code does not respond, try for another one. The code usually comes in a four-digit figure.

Haier TV Universal Remote Codes 3 Digit Codes List

All of the codes are listed here for Haier TV Universal Remote Codes


Haier TV Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes List

Keep an eye out for your Haier TV Universal Remote Codes .


GE Universal Remote Codes For Haier TV

This section  has been updated with a list of Haier TV Universal Remote Codes.


Philips Universal Remote Codes For Haier TV

Find your preferred Haier TV Universal Remote Codes.


RCA Universal Remote Codes For Haier TV

Find the Haier TV Universal Remote Codes that work best for you.


List of Haier TV Codes – Dish Remote

TIf you have a Haier TV connected to a Dish network, you will require Haier TV Universal Remote Codes for programming your Dish remote. The below table consists of the latest Haier TV codes to program your Dish network remote for controlling your brand device. Just enter the correct code that matches the make and model of your brand TV.


List of Haier TV Codes – Comcast Remote

A Comcast remote can control multiple devices at one time when entering the right key code. A Comcast remote supports Haier TV when linked with the correct Haier TV code. You can get the list of Haier TV Universal Remote Codes for your Comcast remote from the given table below. Try one code after the other till you get the correct programming code for your Comcast remote.


Haier TV Code for Direct TV Remote

Direct TV uses a satellite kind of technology that provides consumers with digital TVs. It is one of the biggest providers of digital entertainment across the world. Direct TV remotes can control your Haier televisions if linked with the correct Haier TV programming code. The available list below contains the list of Haier TV Universal Remote Codes to program your Direct TV remote for controlling your brand device. Choose the correct code and follow the programming instructions.


One-For-All Universal Remote Codes For Haier TV

A specific list of Haier TV Universal Remote Codes have been added to this page.


Vizio Universal Remote Setup Codes for Haier TV

0216 0935

How to check if the Haier remote control is a universal remote control

Some of the TV remotes that come with some Haier TVs are universal remotes. This means you can use the remote control to power on devices other than Haier TV. To verify that your Haier remote is a universal remote, check if the “Set” and “Mode” options are available. If so, it’s a universal remote control.

How to program the Haier Universal Remote without code method

Using the automatic search method, all Haier TV Universal Remote Codes are scanned on the remote control. The codes are automatically scanned one by one to find the correct remote code that works with the remote to program the controller. Follow the instructions below:

Step -1.Turn on the smart device as “television” you want to use with the universal remote control.

Step – 2. Switch on the remote control and press the device button (TV, DVD, CBL and OK / SEL) for 3 seconds. The LED display light will indicate that the device is ready for programming.

Step – 3. Point the remote control towards the device and click “CH +” and “CH-” buttons. The remote control will display an On / Off signal. .

Step -4. Press the V+ or V- button repeatedly until the device turns off.

Step -5 . Check the code by turning the On / Off button. The device must be turned ON. When turned ON, try changing the channel to make sure the remote has been programmed correctly.

Step -6.Now tap on the “Device” button to save the haier tv code. The device LED will flashe twice to confirm the stored code.

How to program the Haier Universal Remote using the manual method

Step -1.You must first “turn on the device”

Step – 2.Press “TV” on “Universal haier tv remote control”.

Step – 3. Next, hold down the “Setting” button on the universal remote control while waiting for “Flash” to appear. (ie in “Training mode”).

Step – 4. At last, enter the “key code” that you have collected in the given programming manual (operating instructions).

Step -5.After performing this, “point the remote towards the TV” then press and hold the “Power button”.

Step -6 You can release the “Power” button when the screen is turned off.

That’s all there is to it; a universal remote control now operates your TV perfectly. If your device doesn’t respond, repeat the same steps with other haier tv codes from the same section of the reference table.

Why is the Remote of my Haier Smart TV not working?

Check for the problems below if your Haier TV remote not working:

  • Check for the batteries if they are powered off.
  • Check if the display receiving window of the remote is blocked by other objects or interruption.
  • Check whether the remote is placed within the range of the unit.

What to do if my Haier TV Remote stops working?

Follow the steps below if your Haier TV remote stopped working:

  • Check for the remote buttons if jammed.
  • Go for resetting the remote control.
  • Clean the terminals of the remote.
  • Replace the batteries of the remote with new ones.
  • Perform a power reset on the television.
  • For Google or Android TV, symptoms will get improved by changing the software of the remote control.

Program a Dish Remote to the Haier TV

Steps to program your Dish remote with the Haier TV:

  • Click the ‘Home’ button twice or the ‘Menu’ button once as per the type of your remote.
  • Choose the settings option.
  • Then select the remote control.
  • Arrow to and pick the device code which you want to learn.
  • After that, follow the on-screen prompts.


I hope this article has got you with the solutions for programming your Haier TV with the correct Haier TV Universal Remote Codes . Type in the right code and program your remote for enjoying the different features of your smart TV.

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