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New Olevia TV Universal Remote Codes & Program Guide 2023



Olevia TV Universal Remote Codes

If you are using Olevia TV and looking for an Olevia TV Universal Remote Codes this is the perfect blog that will provide you with universal remote control codes like 3 digit codes, 4 digit code or 5-digit codes in this post we will provide a complete guide for Olevia tv remote control code with Olevia remote control manual.

If you’re also looking forward to this opportunity, take advantage of this blog and your Olevia TV programming with universal remotes such as DirecTV, Comcast, Cox, and Ge universal remotes. Then check the following Olevia TV Universal Remote Codes and enjoy your favorite remote.

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Universal Remote Codes for Olevia TVs

Do you own an Olevia TV at your home and looking out for universal remote codes, this is the right blog. Here, you will get the 3-digit, 4-digit or 5-digit Olevia TV Universal Remote Codes for programming your Olevia TV along with the programming instructions.

If you are eagerly waiting for this lucky chance, then use this post and get your Olevia television programmed with different universal remotes like Comcast, GE, Cox, DirecTV, etc. 

Olevia TV Universal Remote Codes : 3 Digit

If you are the owner of an Olevia TV and want to operate it with a universal remote, then key codes are required. Check out the below table and pair the correct code with your brand TV.


Olevia TV Universal Remote Codes4 Digit

You will need some codes to program a universal remote with your brand TV. If your TV is of the Olevia brand, the below table will provide you with the 4-digit Olevia TV Universal Remote Codes for programming the universal remote. Select the right code and pair it with your Olevia TV universal remote.


Olevia TV Universal Remote Codes:5 Digit

If you are searching for 5-digit Olevia TV Universal Remote Codes to program the universal remote, then you are on the right page. The below-mentioned codes will surely match up with your universal remote and you can enjoy your brand TV. Try one code after another till you get the compatible code for your Olevia TV.


GE Universal Remote Codes For Olevia TV

GE universal remotes can easily control the Olevia TVs if paired with the right code. To get that compatible code, you have to check the list below. Enter one code and try to program your GE universal remote as per your device brand. If this fails to work, try to program with other code.


RCA Universal Remote Codes for Olevia Television

An RCA universal remote can handle your Olevia TV if it gets paired with the compatible code. You will get the best pairing codes for Olevia TV in the below table. Choose the right code from the list of RCA universal remote codes to control your brand Olevia TV.


Directv Remote Code for Olevia TV


Comcast Remote Code for Olevia TV


How to program the Olevia Universal TV Remote using the manual method

Step -1. The device must be “turned on” first.

Step 2.Press “TV” on the “Olevia Universal TV Remote Control”

Step -3.Now, on the universal remote control, press and hold the “Settings” button until “Flash” appears (indicating that you are in “Training mode”).

Step – 4. Finally, enter the “lock code” that you got from the given table .

Step -5. Then, “point the remote at the TV” and push the “Power Hold” button.

When the screen is turned off, you can let go of the power button.

That’s it; the universal remote control now functions properly with your TV. If your device doesn’t work, repeat the same process with other Olevia TV Universal Remote Codes from the same section of the reference table.

How to program the Olevia Universal TV Remote with code search

Step -1. First “activate device”

Step -2. Now hold down the “Setup” button

Step -3.Enter the code “9-9-1” (three digits)

Step -4. Press the channel up and continue holding the “power button” on the remote control until the TV is turned off.

The process outlined above may take some time, but finding your remote code is important. After the above process, your remote control will work for all functions.

How to program your Olevia TV Universal Remote without any Codes?

The universal remote control codes have to pass through a scanning method in the remote control. It scans a single code at one time to find out the right remote code that pairs with your remote to program the device. Check the instructions below:

Step-1 Turn on your smart gadget such as the TV that you wish to program.

 Step-2 After turning on the remote, click the gadget button for 3 seconds. You can see the LED light blinking which indicates the appliance is ready to operate.

 Step-3  Place the remote control towards the device. Now, tap on the channel up and down buttons. The remote control will display the on or off signals. The up or down buttons should be pressed repeatedly till the device shuts off.

 Step- 4 Press the power key so that you can confirm the code. Now, the gadget will turn on. If the device starts, change the channels and get your remote’s programming verified.

 Step-5 Hit on the device button to save the code. The device’s LED will flash twice for verifying the stored code.

How to use the manual method to program Olevia TV Universal Remote?

Using the right key code, one can easily program a universal remote. The key code detects the brand of your device. The following steps will help you with the remote programming:

 Step-1 The very first step is to turn on your smart device.

 Step- 2 Press the button ‘TV’ on your Olevia TV universal remote.

 Step-3 Then, hold down the ‘Configuration button on the universal remote control till the ‘Bright flash’ gets displayed. It is now in learning mode.

 Step- 4 Now, it is time to enter the correct code that you will get from the instructions booklet.

 Step-5 After finishing this method, aim your remote at the TV and press and hold the power key. Release the button each time the screen goes off.

 Step-6 That’s it with the procedure and now, your TV will work fine with the universal remote. If it does not work, try out some other code from the same reference table.

How to program the Universal Remote to an Olevia TV?

 Check out a few simple steps:

 Step-1 Switch on the appliance (TV) that you want to program.

 Step-2 Click and hold down the TV key and put on the key codes for your brand. 

 Step-3 If your TV goes off then you have entered the correct Olevia TV Universal Remote Codes and the programming setup is complete. If the device fails to respond, check out with some other code.

How will you reset your TV if it won’t turn on?

If the TV still doesn’t work out, make your TV off at the wall and plug it out from the electrical socket. Wait for 30 seconds. Plug your brand TV back in and turn it on. This method is termed ‘Soft Reset’ and should recalibrate the television.


This article will clear out all your doubts about programming Olevia TV. Also, you will get the best compatible Olevia TV Universal Remote Codes that match the type and model of your TV. You have to select the right code and have unlimited fun on your Olevia TV with one single remote.

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